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Re-release of the luminaire series SYSTEMLED

Re-release of the luminaire series SYSTEMLED

Re-release of the luminaire series SYSTEMLED

The LED lighting concept for system workplaces comes with additional benefits

The product portfolio of us includes an optimised lighting solution with high-quality LED technology to support visually demanding tasks at industrial workplaces: the SYSTEMLED luminaire series. Among the the characteristics feature of the SYSTEMLED series are unbeatable visibility and bespoke lighting concepts for each workplace.

Not only does the SYSTEMLED series for system workplaces, machines and systems combine all the benefits of cutting-edge LED technology, it is also compatible with standard system workplace luminaires. SYSTEMLED is available in two lighting colours (4,000 K – 4,500 K and 5,200 K – 5,700 K) and four lengths. Wieland GST 18 plugs are used to hook up to the 230V power supply. The power adapted is fitted in the luminaire and series connection is possible. Replacing conventional workplace luminaires with modern LED technology just couldn’t be quicker or easier.

Visual comfort
Delivering up to 9,200 lumen / > 2,800 lux at the system workplace from a distance of 100 cm, SYSTEMLED offers particularly efficient, homogeneous and anti-glare illumination to ensure ideal lighting conditions and a pleasant luminosity. The microprisms or opal white glare suppressors enable a UGR ≤ 22. SYSTEMLED therefore satisfies the requirements of DIN 12464 for a broad variety of industrial applications. Here, light is emitted across the entire luminaire width and is not impaired by a distracting flickering. The robust aluminium housing ensures optimised heat management.

Energy efficiency
In SYSTEMLED, we have developed a lighting solution that blends innovative LED technology with ergonomic design. The SYSTEMLED convinces both from a technical and optical point of view and guarantees efficient light at an excellent price-performance ratio. SYSTEMLED is particularly energy efficient compared to conventional workplace luminaires, ensuring a lower power consumption of 30 percent with an added brightness of 30 percent. With a service life of 60,000 hours, the luminaire is also extremely durable. There are no maintenance cycles, as the system luminaire – unlike conventional workplace lighting solutions – is not fitted with any sensitive ballast units and does not require relamping.

New features as of September
A long-standing market success already, the SYSTEMLED series will improve even further in September 2018. The electronic upgrade by us will feature an external dimmer module that customers can retrofit quickly and easily at any time. The plug & play dimmer upgrade will also significantly reduce the model heterogeneity for customers.

The advantage of dimming technology is that lighting can be adjusted individually to suit particular requirements. It also helps to reduce energy costs. The dimming method ensures flicker-free light at every setting. A synchronous dimmer with just one unit for up to 6 luminaires is currently in development. LED2WORK plans to launch the insular solution this year.

An optional bracket set rounds off the product range. It will allow isolated mounting of the system luminaires at ESD workstations as well.


Image 1: Re-releases the luminaire series SYSTEMLED





Image 2: Input dimmer module



Image 3: External dimmer module that customers can retrofit quickly and easily at any time