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SIGNALED - Model 2018

The SIGNALED can be controlled by the PLC control of the machine / unit. With its RGB LEDs the SIGNALED can indicate various machine conditions. For example: red = malfunction alert, green = normal operation.

Robust construction

  • Protection type IP54, protection class III
  • Heat dissipation backwards via aluminium casing, therefore no risk of burns
24 dc tensionprotection-class 3ip54 protectionrgb color60000 hours lifetime40-10 temperaturemaintenance freewarrantymade in germany
SIGNALED LED Machinery luminaire
Art.No. Description Dimensions Optics Emax Lumen Power Connection Datasheet
110890-11  SIGNALED RGB A = 280mm 120° 8W 24V DC Datasheet
110890-12  SIGNALED RGB A = 520mm 120° 16W 24V DC Datasheet
110890-13  SIGNALED RGB A = 1020mm 120° 32W 24V DC Datasheet
110890-14  SIGNALED RGB A = 1520mm 120° 48W 24V DC Datasheet

Emax: maximum illumination / measuring field 100 x 100cm / distance 50cm

Economic viability

  • Particularly energy-efficient
  • 60.000 operating hours (L70 / B10)
  • Switching circuits do not affect the life span
  • No maintenance periods

Optimal illumination

  • RGB LEDs
  • Beam angle 120
  • Flicker-free light without UV and IR components


  • Simple retrofitting of machinery
  • 24V DC connection (machine voltage), M12 sensor connector
  • Luminous flux SIGNALED 280mm red: 80lm / green: 117lm / blue: 37lm SIGNALED 520mm red: 160lm / green: 234lm / blue: 74lm SIGNALED 1020mm red: 320lm / green: 468lm / blue: 148lm SIGNALED 1520mm red: 480lm / green: 702 lm / blue: 222lm
Accessories SIGNALED
Art.No. Article Description Datasheet
210200-07  Spring clamp galvanized steel (pair)
210200-08  Spring clamp with magnet (pair)